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High quality physicians, high quality results

Our team of physicians at Surgical Services provide quality and holistic surgical services in Iowa City. Our team cares deeply for our patients and work hard each and every day to provide the best surgical services possible because our patients come first.

Meet our physicians

Dr. Shelman

Rick A. Shelman


Dr. Radcliffe

Robert R. Radcliffe


Dr. Chesnokova

Iryna V. Chesnokova


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If you’re looking for quality surgical services in Iowa City, reach out to our experts today to schedule your appointment!

Preparing for your appointment

Preparing for your appointment can seem overwhelming which is why we have listed below some of the forms that our surgeons will need prior to your appointment.

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Demographic Form
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Health History
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Review of Systems
Passionate about the process

We have a tried-and-true process that we present to our patients so that you can feel the most comfortable about your surgery & recovery.

Meet with one of our surgeons and discuss the type of procedure you're wanting as well as the general discussion surrounding the surgery, recovery time, etc.
It's time! The day of your surgery arrive to the office and have your surgery of choice performed by one of our expert surgeons.
After the surgery your surgeon will again discuss with you the recovery time and aftercare process of your specific procedure. Follow those guidelines and you'll be on the road to success.